Deen Marketing Company is an Indian company strongly focusing on the world class brands promoting personalising technology to cater to the residential needs, “Personalising technology is all about making use of the electronic systems as per the user’s requirements”.

DMC work with you to build a smart home by implementing a concept called “integration of technology” in a much personalised manner, You can Control your Household lighting, Security systems, Survilance camera, HVAC and much more to full Audio/Video distribution via touch screen interfaces we can help you with your dreams.

We are here promoting a new standard in the field of home automation technology with new inventions with the creative innovations which will accompany and serves our prestigious clients to lead a digitalized living.


To make dream come true we need to put our maximum efforts likewise when we constructing our dream home we need to consider all the things like Ambience, aesthetics, maintenance, management and a lot more finally we end up with our required level of assured secured living.


Here DMC helps you to lead your dream life at your dream home by the way of  “Personalized designed technology to cater different passionate clients”.


Requirements will differ likewise clients and their needs will differ to sort out those differences we design the systems with the suitable propositions to match our clients budget and their requirements.

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DMC homes established with a vision of providing solution for a happy and memorable experience right from the scratch to completion of interior project.

Experts in providing solutions for Wood work, Electrical fittings, Curtains, Bathroom accessories, Painting, False ceiling and Decorative flooring, spanning over 3025 products for all your home needs. DMC Home has transformed more than 750 homes and enhanced more than 1,50,000 sq.ft. with elegant interior spaces.

With complete state-of-the-art company equipped with skilled manpower guarantees our service at utmost quality and on-timely delivery . A process driven delivery mechanism and customer service team ensures a happy and memorable experience in getting all home interior requirements fulfilled.

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